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style one – Available in Free & Pro Version

 Shortcode Used: [[tc-logo-slider style="one" default_items="6" large_desktops="6" medium_desktops="5" tablets="4" logo_cat="brand" title="true" title_posi="top" navigation="true" pagination="true" pagination_number="false" hover="tczoomin"]]

Showing Image Thumbnails from Custom Post type without title – Title can be shown or hidden .

 [tc-logo-slider style=”one” default_items=”6″ large_desktops=”6″ medium_desktops=”5″ tablets=”4″ logo_cat=”brand” title=”true” title_posi=”top” navigation=”true” pagination=”true” pagination_number=”false” hover=”tczoomin”]

The Pro Version has some great features and Dedicated support. Please check and buy through the link below

Buy Pro Version | Documentation